Reminder: Here’s your chance to comment on funding for MLT Veteran’s Park trail

The proposed trail project.

Sound Transit has launched an online open house seeking public comments from riders and residents on a fund that could include one Mountlake Terrace project — the Veteran’s Memorial Park Trail Light Rail Connector.

Sound Transit’s Board of Directors heard a presentation from staff July 25 regarding the System Access Fund 2019 Call for Projects. The presentation included information on the initial evaluation results of 53 applications from five sub-areas that were submitted as part of the call. The City of Mountlake Terrace submitted two applications, and the Veteran’s Memorial Park Trail connector was evaluated as highly recommended.

The System Access Fund is a major piece of the $100 million Sound Transit 3 System Access Program that is divided equally between the five Sound Transit District sub-areas (with $20 million allocated per subarea). It is intended to fund projects such as safe sidewalks, protected bike lanes, shared use paths, improved bus-rail integration, and new pick-up and drop-off areas. The current call for projects makes available up to $10 million per subarea between 2019-2025.

Sound Transit has conducted an initial evaluation and assigned an overall rating of highly recommended, recommended or not recommended for each project. Eleven applications from seven jurisdictions were submitted requesting a total of $20.1 million within Snohomish County. Three — including the Veteran’s Memorial Park Trail project — are being highly recommended, four recommended and four not recommended to the Sound Transit Board.

Riders and residents now have a chance to provide input to the board on the applications Sound Transit received and the results of their evaluation. The public comment period for rider and resident input opened Friday, July 26 and will close Aug. 23. The Sound Transit Board will base its action on technical evaluation, public comments received and other considerations. The System Access Fund Online Open House is available here.


  1. Currently, this is a dark and scary trail even on a sunny day. I would not walk it during the winter when it gets dark so early. What are the plans for lighting and security?

  2. I don’t walk thru it anymore due to the sketchy people(homeless, druggies, etc.) in there. It’s a lovely park and a pity that I no longer feel safe walking about there.

  3. “ask a cop” – ask the police how many reports they’ve had of problems – i seem to recall asking a while back that there weren’t any problems

    in the dark i too avoid the trail, but that’s ok, i don’t want the park lit up all night out of respect for the plants and animals that live there!

    as for homeless… where do you go when you have no place to go???

    there are some i see in and around the library

    they are aware of their situation and i have never seen any person that – appears – to be homeless make any trouble for anyone – they don’t want trouble!

    i suggest – go to a free community dinner and meet a homeless person!

    you’ll find they come in all shades, and as with most of the population, mostly homeless people don’t want any more problems than they already have!

  4. Click on a couple of links, people.

    “Design and construct an illuminated ADA pedestrian asphalt pathway through the park adjacent to the Mountlake Terrace
    Transit Center. This project will connect the transit center to the redeveloped town center and civic center in Mountlake
    Terrace. ”

    “The existing Veteran’s Memorial Park Trail is not ADA compliant with an aging bridge structure and steep slopes. The newly
    constructed trail will have an asphalt pathway, ramps and compliant slopes. A new bridge will also be installed to aid crossing
    of the bio-filtration swale. LED Lighting will assist users to navigate the park area, especially in the winter months when it is
    dark by 4:30 pm. ”

    The trail will be widened (8′), illuminated, and paved with asphalt. It will meet ADA standards.

    We can’t have you feeling unsafe and triggered, Ms. Stromeyer.

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