The Herald Covers Double DD’s


This past week the Herald did a really great story about one of Mountlake Terrace’s most well-known businesses, Double DD’s:

The year is 1955, Mountlake Terrace is a fledgling city, and a brand new business opens to capture the mouth-share of the suburb. That business is Double DD Meats and it is founded on the precepts of offering value and full service.

Since Kimberly Nygard took over the ownership of her father’s business, the only thing that has changed in the butcher shop is its size. Double DD has expanded to 26,000 square feet, offering almost 3,000 hot sauces, 800 barbecue sauces and 400 dry rubs plus a plethora of meat-centric novelties and knick knacks that beg to be taken for gift giving to the grill master.

Read the rest at the Herald.


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