Happening nearby: Personal safety seminars set for Shoreline, Edmonds

self defense V8How aware are you of your environment as you move through it? How would you deal with a person grabbing your purse, or you, while out on a morning walk?

Salish Security is sponsoring a seminar, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive: Using Situational Awareness & Non-Lethal Defensive Tools in Everyday Life” on Thursday evening, March 24 in Shoreline and Saturday morning, April 2, in Edmonds.

“While we have exceptional police response in our area, keeping yourself safe is your own responsibility,” notes organizer Bridget Guerrero of Salish Security.  The aim of the seminar is to help attendees develop a better sense of situational awareness to threats in their environment — at home or on the move. You’ll also be introduced to non-lethal defensive tools you may consider carrying when traveling late at night, early in the morning or in areas in which you are not familiar.

To register for an upcoming seminar, visit the calendar on the www.salishsecurity.com home page. Cost is $10; defensive tools are available for sale after the seminars, starting at $5.

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