Happening nearby: Level III sex offender moves to Highway 99


James Lee Meigs
James Lee Meigs
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has released information about a registered Level III sex offender that has moved to Edmonds. James Lee Meigs, 26, is living in the 22200 block of Highway 99. He is described as 5-foot-10 inches tall, 270 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.
On Oct. 31, 2007, Meigs pled guilty in Snohomish County Superior Court, Juvenile Division to one count of Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes. He was sentenced to 30 days confinement. 26 days of this sentence were suspended and four days were converted to 32 hours of community service. This conviction was the result of Meigs attempting to sexually assault a 7-year-old girl.

According to the sheriff’s office report, Meigs had isolated the victim and asked the victim to see her “privates,” which she refused. Meigs was in the process of moving her clothing when he was confronted about his behavior.

Meigs has violated the terms of his probation by sexually acting out. Meigs has completed community-based sex offender treatment; however, even after doing so is considered a high risk to re-offend sexually. This is due to Meigs’ continuing to act out sexually and placing himself in high risk situations, the sheriff’s office said. There have been two incidents of Meigs re-offending sexually while he was in treatment and on supervision, where he was not charged with a crime. Meigs is no longer on supervision.


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