Happening nearby: Feminine hygiene drive to benefit Edmonds School District girls

ombudfgImagine if your family had to choose between buying food and buying feminine hygiene products — it’s easy to see what necessity wins out.

Some young women facing this dilemma live within the Edmonds School District. These young women stuff their underwear with paper towels and toilet paper or other things that may not be healthy for them. Their grades may suffer because they are afraid to participate in activities for fear of an accident, or they might simply stay home.

The local chapter of Days for Girls, headed by April Haberman, collects and distributes disposable feminine hygiene products to the Edmonds School District through a partnership with Washington Kids in Transition, which has an established, long term relationships with the school district, as well as counselors and school advocates.

Ombu Salon + Spa in Edmonds is helping bring awareness to this issue by hosting a Days for Girls product drive through the end of the year. When you stop in for an appointment to look and feel your best, bring in a donation of what many women consider to be a monthly necessity: disposable feminine hygiene products.

“This time of year, people are grateful for what they have and want to reach out to help those less fortunate than themselves. Food drives and toys drives are plentiful, but this is a real need that often gets overlooked,” says Ombu Salon + Spa owner Beth Sanger.

Over 400 families in the Edmonds School District are homeless, half of the whom have girls of menstruating age. When girls don’t have adequate access to feminine hygiene, they often can’t go to school or contribute in the same way as their counterparts.

“This not only puts them at a disadvantage, but it is also very shameful and embarrassing,” Haberman said. “When we give girls the products that they need to manage their periods, we are also giving them education, health, dignity and freedom to use their talents and gifts that will only better the community in which we live. Such a small gift can make a huge difference in the lives of these girls.”

Ombu Salon + Spa will also happily collect monetary donations (checks can be made payable to Days for Girls of Edmonds, Washington). Donations are also accepted online at  www.daysforgirls.org. Mention the Edmonds, Washington Chapter to make sure your donation is earmarked to be used locally.

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