Happening nearby: Counselor arrested after allegedly molesting 13-year-old patient in Lynnwood

Lynnwood-police-patch2A 27-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly touched a 13-year-old boy inappropriately in the boy’s Lynnwood home.

The boy’s mother told Lynnwood Police her son has depression and has a difficult time getting up in the morning. He recently got involved with a program offered through Compass Health Everett called “Wrap Around Counseling,” which is an intensive, individualized form of psychotherapy.

Court documents say the suspect, Lyndon Boyd, was the teen’s counselor at the time, though Compass Health says he is no longer with their organization.  Boyd had been working with the teen for about a month. The boy’s mother told police she trusted Boyd and didn’t have a problem when he said he wanted to help the teen wake up in the morning.

The mother called police Monday when she noticed Boyd holding her son on his lap, according to court documents. Her son was in his underwear and didn’t have a shirt on. Her son told her Boyd pulled down his underwear when they were alone in the room together.

The teen later told police Boyd touched his nipples and buttocks. Court documents say inappropriate behavior dates back to Jan. 25, when Boyd didn’t want to leave the teen’s room while the teen got dressed for school. On Jan. 29, Boyd took the teen to the Lynnwood pool and completely disrobed in front of him.

Boyd was arrested on Feb. 2. Court documents say he admitted to police that he put the teen on his lap on Feb. 1. Boyd said he had tried shaking the teen and verbally commanding him to wake up, but that didn’t work, so he tried a more nurturing approach. He also admitted to completely undressing in front of the teen at the pool. Boyd told officers he “understood how it looked, but that was not his intention,” according to a police report.

Boyd was booked for indecent exposure and second-degree child molestation. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Compass Health says it is now conducting a comprehensive review to identify any steps it can take to prevent similar situations..

“At Compass Health, our highest priority is to support the safety and wellbeing of our clients and their families, and to protect the sacred trust we’ve built with those we serve,” Compass Health CEO Tom Sebastian said. “We are fully cooperating with law enforcement as we assist them in their investigation.”

–By Natalie Covate

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