Happening nearby: City of Edmonds closes access to beach parks, dog park

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and encourage social distancing, the City of Edmonds has suspended access to its beach parks, including the off-leash dog park, effective immediately.

The closure includes public restrooms and parking lots at Edmonds’ beaches, Marina Beach Park and Brackett’s Landing North Park, Deputy Parks and Recreation Superintendent Shannon Burley said via email Sunday morning.

“We had too many people at the beaches and needed to take some steps to discourage that behavior and encourage social distancing,” Burley said.

According to Burley, the closure does not include the fishing pier or Brackett’s South Park — yet. The hope is that the restroom and parking closure “will reduce number of people down there significantly,” she said.

Asked whether a closure of all city parks is possible, Burley said that “all parks are being watched closely, (and) if we continue to see too many people in close contact we will be forced to close them.
“At this time we encourage people to get fresh air and walk but to keep their distance and keep moving,” Burley said. “Giant ultimate frisbee games, volleyball games, youth sports practices are all the type of activities that will force us to close the parks.”
The city last week announced the closure of all city playgrounds.

In a post on the city’s Facebook page Saturday, Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson reminded residents that “it is up to us as a community to slow the spread of this virus, if you are able to stay home, please do.”


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