Happening nearby: Call for muralists from The Mural Project Edmonds

Saturday update: The Comstock building is no longer being considered for a mural.

The Mural Project Edmonds has announced its first Call for Muralists.

For Phase 1, to occur this summer, three possible locations for new mural installations have been identified, but only two murals will be chosen, with a projected completion deadline of Sept. 30, 2018.

The locations are the northeast corner of 5th Avenue and Main Street (Sound Styles wall) and the east facing wall of the building housing The Mar.Ket fishmonger and eatery located at 508 Main St.

The all-inclusive budget for the two murals is $20,000 total.

The deadline for muralist applications is July 9 for consideration for Phase 1, expected to begin this summer.

To learn more about The Mural Project Edmonds or to submit your mural proposal, click here.

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