Happening nearby: Black Angus in Lynnwood closes its doors for the last time


The Black Angus restaurant at 20102 44th Ave. W., Lynnwood, closed for business Monday after 35 years.

“There have been a lot of great memories for a lot of guests,” said Jon Bowman, district manager. “We have some team members that have been here since the opening 35 years ago. A lot of positive memories of anniversaries and birthdays, some proposals and some graduations, new babies that have now grown up.”

Throughout the week, the establishment has been experiencing big crowds, from 500-700 customers per night, according to Manager Jason Hunter.

“Due to the Lynnwood Link Extension, a new public transit project, Black Angus Steakhouse unfortunately will not be able to renew the lease at Lynnwood,” said Chris Ames, Chief Executive Officer of Black Angus Steakhouse.

There are no plans on opening a restaurant in the vicinity.

The closest Black Angus is at 2400 South 320th St. in Federal Way. For a store locator, click here.

Staff were given offers to work in other locations.

–Story and photos by David Carlos



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