Happening nearby: Bella’s Voice aims to support animals

Jordan Hoffman-Nelson has opened Bella's Voice, a non-profit thrift store that will donate to local animal organizations. (Photo by David Pan)
Jordan Hoffman-Nelson has opened Bella’s Voice, a non-profit thrift store, that will donate to local animal organizations. (Photo by David Pan)

A new store in Lynnwood hopes to become a voice for those who have no voice in our society.

Bella’s Voice is a new non-profit thrift store whose goal is to support animals.

Jordan Hoffman-Nelson and her mother opened the store, located at 4001 198th St. SW., Suite 8, in July.

Hoffman-Nelson previously had worked as a baker. One day she thought to herself “why don’t they have thrift stores for animals?”

She had seen stores that benefit cancer patients and senior citizens but never one for animals. Hoffman-Nelson and her mother started researching and scouting for locations to set up a store.

The owners of the Vanishing Prices thrift store, which operated out of same location, were looking to get out of the business and donate their inventory to a non-profit.

Hoffman-Nelson met with the owners in June and by July, Bella’s Voice was in business. The store is named after Hoffman-Nelson’s cat Bella.

“They really liked our cause,” said Hoffman-Nelson, who worked in the Vanishing Prices store for about a month to learn how they ran the operation.

Bella’s Voice’s profits will be directed toward smaller animal organizations. While Hoffman-Nelson appreciates larger organizations, such as PAWS and NOAH, she wants to support those that aren’t as well-funded.

“Bella’s Voice wants to help animals in Snohomish County,” Hoffman-Nelson said. “We’d like to put money back into the community. Our future goal is to actually open up more stores and each store helps the animals in that community.”

Hoffman-Nelson has always wanted to open up a non-kill sanctuary, safe haven for animals. She realized, however, that there are a lot of shelters out there and many are struggling financially.

“We decided why not open a non-profit thrift store and sustain the ones (animal shelters) who are having trouble, places that really need help,” Hoffman-Nelson said.

Bella’s Voice is located next to Goodwill and another non-profit thrift store. Hoffman-Nelson doesn’t view the other stores are competition.

“Usually when people go thrift shopping they go to all the thrift stores, at least that’s what I do and that’s what all my friends do,” she said. “People are going to donate where they want to. … People passionate about animals donate here. All the animal lovers are coming back to us. We really want to connect with the animal community.

For more information about Bella’s Voice, see www.bellasvoice.orgFacebook  or call 425-984-4141.

– By David Pan



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