Hall Creek flowing normally into Lake Ballinger following culvert removal project


Story and photo by Doug Petrowski

Hall Creek is again flowing naturally into the north end of Lake Ballinger after the completion of a culvert removal project over this past winter and spring.

Four 24-inch concrete culverts that had been underneath the 230th Street Southwest crossing of Hall Creek were removed and replaced with an open flowing creek and natural aquatic habitat. A new pedestrian bridge connecting the 230th Street Southwest cul-de-sac with the Ballinger Lakes Golf Course parking lot was also built.

The project was completed in order to reduce localized flooding of the parking lot and homes on 230th Street Southwest. City officials also list enhanced water quality and elimination of barriers to fish runs as benefits of the culvert removal.

The city is expected to schedule a grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony for the project sometime in June.

A companion project of rehabilitating a sewer main beneath the golf course parking lot is being completed soon. Following this work, the parking lot itself will receive upgrades and repainting of parking lines. City crews also plan on replacing some fencing in the area and installing a new entrance sign to the complex later this summer.


  1. Atta boy MLT! Mitigation at it’s best. These are the simple steps a city needs to take to reduce the impacts of a natural hazard, as well as achieve ecological benefits.




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