Future of Flight 3D printing class subsidized

Image from Future of Flight.
Image from Future of Flight

Future of Flight Foundation provided notice that they have spots open for the Aerospace Maker Project (AMP) 3D printing class, which has now received a 75-percent subsidy.

The 3D class gives students the opportunity to experiment with a 3D printer, completing engineering and project management tasks while having a blast. For this semester, AMP classes have just been subsidized to 75% off. The price per student is normally $145 for FoFF members and $195 for all others, but the price now is $36 for FoFF members and $50 for non-members. If you are already signed up, your price has been reduced.

In addition to using the 3D printer, students download and upload projects using the online iRemix platform (from University of Washington). You will earn electronic badges, some of which represent collections skills acquired that can be be put on a résumé. Your capstone project culminates in a competitive presentation at the Future of Flight Aviation Center. Students who complete this project may earn a summary badge which currently is pending UW Bothell accreditation.

Dates: Jan. 20 – March 24, 2016; Days/Times: Wednesdays & Thursdays from 3 to 6 p.m.; Location: Future of Flight – in our Makerspace; Grade Level: Students currently in 9th – 12th grades; Homeschoolers are welcome. About Teams: Students will form teams of about three to complete the capstone project, near the end of the semester. Module 1, Engineering Design: The engineering design process, project management and planning, 3D modeling, additive manufacturing. Module 2, Materials Science and Manufacturing: Properties of materials, molecular structures and microstructures, 3D modeling, manufacturing techniques.

Sign up as an individual or with friends. Questions? Click here to email the instructor.



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