Freeway Flyer Station construction continues, to be complete in the Spring


Construction continues on the I-5 Freeway Flyer Station at the Mountlake Terrace Park and Ride.

Crews are hard at work on the freeway station and pedestrian walkway – they’re finishing up the elevators, adding windows and glass panels, and installing steel frames for walls and roofs.

Sound Transit buses do not currently serve the Mountlake Terrace Park and Ride because they would have to merge across three lanes of traffic from the I-5 HOV lanes to the 220th Street SW exit and then onto city streets to access the lot. This circuitous route would cause service delays, increase bus operating costs, and increase the potential for collisions on I-5 from buses weaving between the HOV lanes and on and off-ramps.

The freeway flyer station will solve this problem. The freeway station in the I-5 median will provide buses with direct access to the I-5 HOV lanes without having to merge across freeway lanes or travel on city streets. Mountlake Terrace transit riders will also notice a faster, smoother commute.

Buses will be able to load and unload riders without merging across the freeway and driving through city streets to reach the park and ride.

Providing bus access in the median eliminates the risk of collisions from buses weaving between the HOV lanes and on- and off-ramps. We are also increasing the earthquake resistance of the 236th Street bridge.

WSDOT is on schedule to complete the project in March of 2011.

See the Flickr slideshow below for some recent construction photos.


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