Free Digital Forensics Fundamentals course offered on Dec. 13


Edmonds CC logoEdmonds Community College is offering a free Digital Forensic Fundamentals course from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13.

If you are considering getting into the field of digital forensics (a.k.a. computer forensics) or just want to learn what actually happens when you “delete” data from your computer, then this seminar is for you.

This introductory seminar on digital forensics is being offered at no cost by Edmonds Community College, the only college in the state offering this seminar. All are invited to participate and you do not need to be a current student. Register early as the seminar is popular and seats will go fast. Meet your Instructors for this seminar.

This seminar is designed for anyone interested in learning more about digital forensics. One does not need to be working in an information technology related field to attend.The focus for this one-of-a-kind course will be the various aspects of digital forensics and what working as a digital forensic examiner entails.

You’ll be taken through an actual digital forensics case as seen through the eyes of an expert, and you will become conversant in digital forensics terminology as well as gaining an understanding of what digital forensics experts actually do. As many digital forensics cases now involve Internet technologies, the instructors will also be discussing some items that are normally overlooked as well as misinterpreted by many experts.

Topics Will Include:

  • Data storage, hard drives and media
  • Sources of data and evidence
  • Forensics in a networked environment
  • Computer forensics procedures – methods to start an analysis and investigation
  • Computer forensics experts – becoming one
  • Locating and extracting evidence from the Windows Registry
  • Locating and extracting evidence related to Internet activity
  • Locating and extracting evidence related to email activity
  • Employment outlook
  • Preparing to testify

Register for the class here.


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