Forklift topples in Albertson’s parking lot Wednesday

Forklift accident at O'Reilly's site, Feb. 5 001
A tow truck works to right the forklift.

No one was injured Wednesday night when a forklift tipped over at the Albertson’s shopping center, 212th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West, in Mountlake Terrace.

The rented forklift was being used to remove signs and construction debris from the site of a new O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store scheduled to open later this year.

It is believed the forklift may have toppled when a tow truck attempted to free it from a sidewalk flower bed. The forklift had sunk in the soft ground of the flower bed and was unable to move on its own from there.

Attempts to right the forklift by two trucks were unsuccessful; a third, larger truck was called to restore the vehicle to its upright position.

— Story and photo by Doug Petrowski


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