Firefighter’s Memorial Park: the City Wants Your Input


Members of the city’s Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission (RPAC) and Neighborhood Park Improvement Subcommittee (NPIS) invite interested citizens to attend a community meeting to discuss ideas about potential park improvements and amenities the community would like to see included in a conceptual plan for Firefighters Memorial Park.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gymnasium at Mountlake Terrace Elementary School, 22001 52nd Avenue West.

Firefighters Memorial Park, located behind the former Fire Station 18, is a quiet, .41-acre park, located on the eastern portion of Mountlake Terrace on 228th St. SW & 39th Ave. W.

With the relocation of Fire Station 18, the city is looking for community input on the future of Firefighters Memorial Park including park expansion opportunities.


  1. Why doesn’t the city repair existing parks before they spend alot of money on a new park. For instance the dock @ Lake Ballinger that we fish from is in pretty bad shape, all the post are rotted down to the water level. I and others have brought this up to the MLT park dept. and we get the answer of ” There is no money”

    • I agree – Terrace Creek park has been missing swings forever and it seems there’s no money or leadership to repair/replace them. . .?

    • There currently is no funding set aside for the park improvements. The City Manager says that this is one of the many infrastructure needs identified citywide and includes improvements such as the Civic Campus, Recreation Pavilion, various park improvements, street improvements, sidewalks, etc. The needs are from several key policy documents that were developed with considerable community input beginning in 2007 (e.g., Transportation Mater Plan, Recreation Parks & Open Space Plan, Civic Facilities Advisory Task Force).


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