Family Fourth fireworks show ready to light up MLT Thursday

The stage is ready for the MLT Family 4th Celebration.
The platform is ready for the MLT Family Fourth Celebration.

The stage is set, literally, for the return of a public Mountlake Terrace 4th of July fireworks show. City crews set up the platform, to be used for announcements and musical entertainment at the event, on Wednesday.

The community Family Fourth of July event will take place at the soccer field portion of Evergreen Playfield along 224th Street Southwest in Mountlake Terrace starting at 8 p.m. The general public will be welcomed onto the field beginning at 6:30 p.m.; the fireworks are scheduled to be set off at 10 p.m.

The Independence Day public fireworks display is the first in Mountlake Terrace since 2008. Bringing the musical entertainment for this year’s event will be classic rock band Sly Mr. Y, led by Mountlake Terrace resident Chris Yates.

The city is hosting the event after raising funds through sponsorships from local businesses and individuals, including Red Onion Burgers, Premera Blue Cross, HomeStreet Bank, Urology Northwest, Autographics, NW Home Investments, Robert Reed Newell, Snohomish County Fire District 1 Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1828, Waste Management, Mountlake Terrace Police Guild, AFCO & Sons, Mountlake Terrace Police Officers Association, Mountlake Terrace Eye Care, and the City Manager.

City officials are reminding attendees that pets, personal fireworks and alcohol are not allowed at the event, and that it is unlawful for any person to sell, possess, use, transfer, discharge, and ignite or “explode any fireworks” within Mountlake Terrace on the 4th of July or at any time.

— Story and photo by Doug Petrowski


  1. I sure wish our residents were more diligent about obeying the fireworks laws! We heard lots and lots of them being set off, including some of the “big boomers” (the always-illegal kind, like M-80s). I don’t know if the police ever catch any of the miscreants, but I hope they do–and hand out tickets with nice big fines, as well as confiscate any fireworks!

    The problem is, some people (particularly veterans of wars, both past and present) can have some really bad reactions to the fireworks noises, and it is so inconsiderate of people not to think about that, particularly with all the “press” that things like PTSD and such have gotten in recent years.




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