Evergreen Elementary Demolition To Begin Soon


Due to declining enrollment and significant budget reductions Evergreen Elmentary School was closed beginning with the 2009-2010 school year. The school is planned to be demolished beginning this month.

Edmonds School District Community Relations Manager, DJ Jakala, says that beginning this week, the contractor responsible for demolition will be on-site. There is a fair amount of work that must be done before physically demolishing the building. For example, the next couple weeks will be spent securing the site and removing hazardous materials such as asbestos. Visible demolition is scheduled to begin mid-February with the project wrapping up in April.

What will be done with the site is still up in the air. According to the Cityís zoning code, the site canít really be used until it is redeveloped and the District is still reviewing what is the best use of the site under the code. Additionally, Sound Transitís plan to expand†mass transit from Northgate to Lynnwood may come in to play. For example, if an elevated track near the edge of the property were to be part of their plan, the District would need to take that into account when marketing the property.


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