Election 2017: Video interview with candidate for Mountlake Terrace City Council, Pos. 2

MLTnews presents the second in a series of Vote 2017 video interviews that Publisher Teresa Wippel conducted in recent weeks with candidates for Mountlake Terrace City Council appearing on the November 2017 election ballot. Today, we are posting the interview for Mountlake Terrace City Council Position 2: incumbent Jerry Smith. Challenger Margaret Loiseau declined to be interviewed.

  1. Teresa, while your list of dates did not worked for me as I was taking my daughter back to college, had previous appointments, and still had to work, I did tell you that I would be more than willing to answer any of your question you wanted to send to me. I believe a more accurate statement was I was unavailable during the times you had open to be interviewed.

    1. Hi Margaret: I want to make sure I reflect accurately what you said to me in your email, so I will include it here:

      “I respectfully decline to be a part of your political video graphic project. However, I am touched that you would invite me to be a part of the same. If you would like, you can send me the questions and I can fill out a response for you.”

      And my reply to you:
      “No worries, Margaret. I am certain that Evan Smith, who writes a South County Politics column for us, will be emailing a questionnaire for all the candidates to fill out.”

  2. Teresa and while I did send that to you, I will also like to quote you when I talked with you about your dates and conflicts you said to me….” If you were on council you would have to make time.” I gave you my reasons as to why none of them would work, Dentist appointments that were made months in advance, taking my daughter back to college and having to work. Unlike you we work until each of our customers are up and running.

  3. I have a Zoom account, which I would happily make available so that editor Ms. Wippel and candidate Ms. Loiseau can conduct a video interview together. This would enable each to be shown simultaneously and continuously on video, and the entire event can be recorded for publication.

    Plenty of time before the election and an online interaction would likely work for each party – the only thing needed is broadband access on each end. Each of you have my contact information.

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