Edmonds School District staff present at national conference

Superintendent Kris McDuffy (right) presented “Equity Leadership From the Inside Out” at the 2019 National School Public Relations Association in Washington, DC. (Photo courtesy Edmonds School District Instagram)

Presenting the Edmonds School District’s work on equity-based leadership, Superintendent Kris McDuffy and Equity and Public Relations Executive Director Kimberlee Armstrong attended the 2019 National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) seminar earlier this week in Washington, DC. 

According to the NSPRA website, the seminar offered more than 70 topics on a variety of school communication issues and is the “most comprehensive communication workshop for educators anywhere.” 

“This is the first national conference invite for Dr. Armstrong and Dr. McDuffy on this topic,” said district spokesperson Harmony Weinberg. “We here at the district are very excited to take the topic nationally.”

During the session, “Equity Leadership From the Inside Out,” McDuffy and Armstrong discussed equity-focused leadership strategies designed to activate equity-minded allies and listed steps taken toward building race and equity teams, Weinberg said. The session addressed the specifics on using an equity framework for professional learning opportunities for leaders, site administrators and school communities, she added.

Also, the session shared lessons district staff has learned from managing site and district relationships that support disrupting inequitable practices and systems.

“The topic of equity is in all we think, say and do here at the Edmonds School District,” Weinberg said. “Race and equity are also the forefront of our school board policies.”

To learn more about the Edmonds School District’s policy regarding race and equity, click here.

–Story by Cody Sexton

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