Edmonds School District replacement levy and bond measure passing in early returns


Two Edmonds School District measures on the Feb. 11 ballot — a replacement levy and a construction bond — were passing by more than 60 percent, according to early election results Tuesday night.

The replacement levy — Proposition 1 — was passing at 62.88 percent while the bond measure — Proposition 2 — was at 61.16 percent, according to the Snohomish County Elections Office.

The replacement levy, which requires a simple majority for passage, would authorize the school district to replace an expiring levy to collect tax funds for its general fund. The collections would average $62.5 million per year from 2015 through 2018. The capital projects bond measure, which requires a super majority (60 percent) to pass, would finance various capital improvements, including the construction of a couple new facilities, throughout the district.

In an email send to district staff after the initial returns were released, Edmonds School District Superintendent Nick Brossoit called the results “a significant vote by our community,” adding that the district is “profoundly grateful for this support.”

Here is the full text of Brossoit’s message:

Dear Colleagues:
I am very happy to report that the first round of election results as ballots were counted and reported by Snohomish County Elections shortly after 8 pm tonight have both of our measures passing!
The replacement levy is at 62.88% with only a simple majority (50%) necessary for passage.
The capital projects bond measure is at 61.16% with a super majority (60%) necessary for passage.
Historically, the ballots that are mailed or placed at drop boxes closer to or on the day of the election tend to run more supportive compared to the first run of total ballots counted on election night.  We will monitor the next ballot counts run by the county in which they add in these additional votes over the next few days to be sure, but given trends, we are in a good place statistically for these measures.  I will provide you and update in the next couple of days, with hopefully an even higher % of “yes” votes.
This is a significant vote by our community and we are profoundly grateful for this support that will allow us to continue programs and services vital to our operations for the next four years, and to address a number of major capital projects challenges and facility needs we have across the district.  The economy is not fully recovered; still, our community stepped up in a big way to replace the levy and extend themselves for the bond work.
Just as you may have reached out to share information with people about these important measures, and perhaps volunteered to communicate with those you know in our community, please also reach out to sincerely thank everyone for their respective support.  Thank you!



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