Edmonds School District recognizes student calendar artists, tech department


During its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14, the Edmonds School District recognized over two dozen student artists whose artwork will appear in the district’s 2017-2018 Artwork Calendar.

The students posed for photos with their artwork in hand. You can look at the artwork up-close at this link. (It is a large file and may take a couple of minutes to load after you click the link.)

Student artists came from schools all over the district, including Terrace Park Elementary, Brier Elementary, Maplewood Elementary and Alderwood Middle School.

After the student artists were recognized, the district also took a moment to recognize the staff of its technology department. School Board President Susan Phillips said it was important to recognize them, because they often hear about when things are going wrong, but not always when things are working properly.

They also help staff with technology problems and support students to ensure their devices are working.

“They are a cohesive team that collaborates not only with each other, but with those in other departments,” Superintendent Kris McDuffy said.

She also relayed stories from other employees, including one from someone who was having a tech issue that could have affected every district employee’s paychecks. The issue was promptly repaired.


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