Edmonds School District offers public opportunity to review sex education curriculum on Wednesday


Edmonds School DistrictThe public will have the opportunity to review the Edmonds School District’s Sexual Education and Disease Prevention Curriculum from 4-7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 11 at the Educational Service Center in Boardroom A.

Washington State law requires Sexual Education and Disease Prevention be taught to all students in grades 5-12 each year. Edmonds School District teachers use the KNOW program to teach students about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and their prevention.

The district also uses the Family Life and Sexual Health program to teach the reproductive system, growth and development, and conception. Both programs are state-approved instructional materials.

The public also can review the materials by contacting teachers and/or Robin Sloate, at [email protected] or 425- 431-7145. The Educational Service Center is located at 20420 68th Ave.W.


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