Edmonds School Board recognizes Susan Phillips as her term nears its end

The Edmonds School Board recognized Board President Susan Phillips during its meeting on Tuesday. From left to right: Carin Chase, Yubi Lowjewski, Olachi Mbara, Gary Noble, Diana White, Susan Phillips, Kris McDuffy and Ann McMurray.

Members of the Edmonds School Board honored and bid Board President Susan Phillips farewell during its regular meeting on Tuesday night.

Phillips, who has served on the Board from 2011 to 2014 and again from 2015 to the present, did not seek re-election. Her term expires in December.

“Her strength, wisdom and character have made such a difference,” said Superintendent Kris McDuffy. She said she calculated an estimated 738 hours Phillips has spent in School Board-related meetings over her years of service.

“What I appreciate most about her is she is truly a member of the community,” said Board Member Ann McMurray. “She started out in our schools as an involved mom who wanted to become involved with her kids. ‘Her kids’ became larger and became other people’s kids.”

“When I think of Susan, I think of the highest integrity that could be out there,” said Board Member Diana White. “You’re so thorough and you’re really a role model, and I’m not just saying that. I have no doubts you will do some wonderful, successful things in our community. We need strong, great people like you.”

Board Member Gary Noble said in his 14 years on the board, he has watched Phillips deal with some of the most difficult issues during her time serving as President of the Board.

“You have always treated them with such grace and professionalism,” he said.

Board Member Carin Chase agreed that Phillips would be missed.

“I really appreciate your mentorship,” Chase said.

Phillips told board members she appreciates the hard work everyone does in the community, every day.

“It has been a privilege to serve on the school board and I feel I have made lifetime friends on the board and in the district,” she said. “I have learned so much.”

Phillips’s last meeting will be on Tuesday, Dec. 9. In November, Deborah Kilgore was elected to take Phillips’s position on the board.

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