Edmonds foundations award art scholarships to MTHS senior Kristen Walter

Kristen Walter presents her award-winning sculpture. (Photo by Diana School, Cat in the Moon Photography)

Mountlake Terrace High School senior Kristen Walter recently received two scholarships to pursue her collegiate education in fine arts at the University of Washington — one from the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation and the other from the Pamela Mummy Foundation.

Walter was honored at a community reception in May for her outstanding work in clay sculpture.

Through her high school education, Walter has developed exceptional skills in sculpting. Her art instructor, Mark Walker, has been a huge influence on her growth. She loves experimenting in clay, increasing her skill and expertise with each new project.

In her scholarship application, she stated: “I have found that I most enjoy working with clay, as it is the beginning of a project that I will, most likely, cast in bronze. The beginning of the project is the most creative time for me; often, my initial plan for the end result will change drastically as the clay seems to shape itself into something different from what I had initially designed.

Octopus by Kristen Walter

“Mistakes occur often and are easily fixable, which, to me, is part of the beauty of clay, as it allows me to change my project as often and easily as I wish,” Walters continued. “I also enjoy working with metal; being the final stage in my project, I feel a sort of relief knowing that the project is approaching completion. Being able to rely on my skills to clean and polish the bronze gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

Walter received the Gold Key award for two of her pieces entered in Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for Washington; her pieces were sent on to be judged nationally in New York. For the state awards, her winning artwork was displayed in the gallery at the Schack Art Center in Everett. One of those pieces received a silver award nationally and will be shown at Carnegie Hall in New York in June.

You can see Walter’s work during the Edmonds Arts Festival, June 14, 15 and 16, in the Paintings Gallery at the Frances Anderson Center. Find out more about the Arts Festival Foundation Scholarship Program and the Festival at www.edmondsartsfestival.com.

The Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation gives more than $80,000 annually for art scholarships, educational grants to schools, and community grants to area non-profits. Additionally, it has given more than $1 million for public art installations and special projects throughout Edmonds. All profit from the annual Edmonds Arts Festival goes toward funding of the foundation’s programs.


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