Editor at large: So this is goodbye

Natalie Covate
Natalie Covate

Can you believe it’s been nearly three years?

I joined My Neighborhood News Network as Editor of MLTnews and Lynnwood Today in January 2016 to pursue my passion in multimedia storytelling. And let me tell you, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace were full of stories to tell.

Right from the beginning, I was in the field telling hard-hitting stories. I spoke to detectives investigating the disappearance and discovery of Cheryl DeBoer. I was in the courtroom for the trial of David Morgan, who was found guilty of attempted murder. I heard the public speak on whether or not to use crumb rubber infill on the new Meadowdale Playfields, and I photographed the ribbon cutting when the project completed this summer.

I have shared with you the progress of the Meadowdale Beach Park renovation project and the creation of a new fire academy right here in Snohomish County.

It wasn’t all serious, though. I’ve photographed many local 5K races benefiting non-profits and schools, and got up close and personal with animals being rescued from afar. I rode with a Lynnwood police officer to take up-close photos of a bear on the loose. Once, I even got to go up in an historic B-17 — and I put together a video to prove it.

And you even came along with me on some of my travels, like that one time that I jumped off of a perfectly good bridge for no good reason, or took a bullet train in Japan to a town with fried food everywhere you looked.

I even shared a few photos of my dog with you, without you knowing.

It has been a wild ride, with no day the same as the day before, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you readers. One of my favorite parts of this job was speaking to readers at local events. I truly believe in the importance of local journalism, but it is impossible without the support of readers, both through your readership and your financial support. (Speaking of which, if you are able, you should consider subscribing.)

You can probably tell by now where this column is going.

Yes, the time has come for me to depart My Neighborhood News Network. I am moving to SeattlePI.com to work as a Web Producer.

And though I will be “gone,” I will never be far away. I still live in Lynnwood, and I hope you will join me in continuing to support My Neighborhood News Network with your readership.

Thank you all for supporting me and my work through my time here. Thank you for allowing me to pursue my passion.

Natalie Covate
Former Lynnwood Today and MLTnews editor

  1. Wow, all this time I did not realize that the Publisher was not the Editor. You have done a great job, thank you for covering all those stories for us.

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