Eclipse traffic could affect weekend traffic southbound and nearby

    Some roads are already experiencing heavy traffic in Oregon. (Photo courtesy OSP)

    Those planning to drive south for any reason this weekend and Monday should plan for some delays related to the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

    In southern Snohomish County, residents should see a 93-percent eclipse. However, about four hours south, parts of Oregon will see a total solar eclipse.

    That means a lot of people (up to 1 million by some estimates) will be flocking south, and the Washington State Department of Transportation warns that even people who aren’t traveling to Oregon for the eclipse will see increased traffic and possibly experience some delays on southbound roads.

    Those who are planning to go to Oregon to see the total eclipse should plan ahead. Parts of Oregon already saw unusually high traffic flows starting Thursday evening, according to the Oregon State Police.

    Those travelling into Oregon can click here for tips and travel advice from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

    Tips for eclipse drivers courtesy Illinois Department of Transportation

    Washington State Patrol also offers these tips for people driving this weekend and Monday:

    Whether you’re traveling to the eclipse or just through your hometown, please remember:

    • Do not stop in roadways or on the shoulder to view the eclipse. This is illegal and unsafe and could delay emergency vehicles from doing their job.
    • Give yourself extra travel time or alter travel times if possible.
    • If traveling to the eclipse, bring extra water, food and other necessary supplies. You may be in your vehicle longer than normal and you need to be prepared.
    • Have a plan. Trying to attend the eclipse last minute is not a good idea and likely will be unsuccessful given expected heavy traffic.
    • Stay informed. Use tools such as the WSDOT apptravel alerts pageTwitter accounts and this blog to stay in the know.

    Looking directly at the eclipse can also be harmful to your eyes. Click here for safety tips.


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