MLT City Council Recognizes Eagle Scouts for Trail Projects


At their February 22 meeting, the City Council recognized three Eagle Scouts for completing trail projects in Mountlake Terrace Parks.

The Eagle Scouts were recognized for completing community trail projects as part of achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Brett Jory completed the trail restoration, rerouting the trail and adding a new trail surface at the Montesa Wetland. He also designed and installed interpretive signs.

Alex Hansen enhanced the play area at Forest Crest Playfield by completing the trail restoration, linking the play area to other areas of the park, adding a picnic area and installing the drinking fountain and picnic table.

Joshua Haynes completed one of the largest projects in recent memory, the Bicentennial Trail Project. Haynes cut through 600 feet of heavily wooded terrain and added 80 yards of surface material by hand to build the trail. His work inspired park neighbors who then began patrolling the trail to keep undesirable activities out of the park.

Adam Haynes, who spends countless hours as an Advisor for Eagle Scout projects, was thanked by the Council for his participation in the Mountlake Terrace annual clean-up and many other volunteer events over the years.



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