Driving safety tips from WSDOT as heavy rains fall


screenshot-815As heavy rains fall around most of western Washington, the Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted out a flier with tips for driving on wet roads.

Some tips from the flier include:

Drivers should slow down, leave extra room between cars, turn on headlights and keep the cruise control off.

Six inches of water on the road is enough to stall most vehicles. One foot can make a driver lose control of their vehicle, while two feet is enough to sweep away most vehicles, including SUVs and trucks.

If you hydroplane, the best strategy to recover is to gently ease off the gas and gently apply pressure to the brake (or lightly pump the brakes if your vehicle doesn’t have ABS).

Do not drive through standing water if you can’t tell how deep it is.

Stay away from downed power lines.

For more safe driving tips from WSDOT, see the flier above.


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