Two dogs die in house fire, over 200 marijuana plants found


A house near 55th Ave W and 242nd St SW caught fire Saturday night when a hot plate was apparently left on. The occupant of the home reported that two dogs died in the fire.

Damage was mostly isolated to the kitchen and the attic but there was smoke and heat damage throughout the house. No other structures were damaged.

During the initial sweep of the house, Mountlake Terrace Police found a significant marijuana grow in the home.

After detectives were called out and a search warrant was obtained, over two hundred plants were located and seized.

According to Commander Hansen the occupant of the home did show some medical marijuana documentation but Hansen said it appears that the amount of marijuana in the home was well above the 60-day supply that is allowed.

Photo by Sean Douglas via Flickr using a CC-BY-NC-SA license.


    • Anywhere marijuana is grown in a community, there is a high risk of violence !That is why I posted this on a related story.I am all for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries only if code states that they have to be right next door to members of the council, then the members of council would personally have to deal with the consequences of what they vote for. If you have been watching the news lately and informing yourself on this subject, you probably feel sorry for the innocent people who are being beat up by the thugs who are mistakenly breaking into the homes of neighbors next to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.At least if they had to be next door to members of the council, we all would know the above wouldn’t happen to innocent people !!!


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