Dog urinating on lawn draws ire — and BB gunfire — from MLT homeowner

Be careful where you let your dog do his business.

A Mountlake Terrace homeowner in the 22100 block of 43rd Avenue West was charged with reckless endangerment after allegedly shooting at a dog walker with a BB gun Tuesday evening. Police believe the incident started when the dog walker paused in front of the homeowner’s house to allow his dog to relieve itself.

“He was out walking his dog and it was urinating when a homeowner stepped out and shot at them,” said MLT Police Department Commander Doug Hansen.

The incident drew a large response from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department and law enforcement agencies from neighboring jurisdictions.

It was unknown if any of the shots fired hit either the dog walker or the dog. The dog walker did not require attention from paramedics.

— By Doug Petrowski

  1. Too bad you didn’t give the address of this home. I’m tempted to go over and have my dog do the same thing. I would expect anger if the the dog had defecated and the owner not picked it up, but even that does not warrant firing a gun (of any type) at the dog or human.

    1. With all due respect… Are you saying that you would condone shooting the homeowner with a concealed pistol because he shot a BB gun which caused no injuries???

      1. No respect necessary. I made an intentionally provocative comment.

        Let me be more specific:

        A jerk homeowner who thinks he can bully another citizen by pulling a popgun is more likely to think twice about jerk behavior if there is a greater-than-current incidence of concealed carry by his fellow citizens. Why would a bully pull a gun on someone if there’s a chance the other guy could be armed and the fight might then be fair? Bullies don’t fight fair.

        Oh, and if I were carrying and someone pulled a gun on me, I wouldn’t consider whether that gun was a military rifle, a BB gun, or a toy before responding to protect myself. Rather irrelevant, don’t you think, whether a criminal robs a bank with a real gun or a fake gun intended to be seen as real?

  2. [Nearly] every dog owner thinks the world loves their little (or large) “snowflake” and that it can do no wrong. Keep YOUR snowflake on YOUR property and do NOT allow it to piddle and crap on my property or property (like playgrounds and parks) that belong to ALL of us!

  3. It’s unlikely that the dog was actually on the man’s property anyway. Most property lines in Terrace fall well within what most people consider “their” yards.

  4. I can’t believe people think it is OK to let their animals crap in yards that are not their own…..

  5. Just make sure your dog pees and poops in your own yard. I would never harm an animal or person for allowing them to go in my yard… but come on….

  6. Do not believe everything word for word. The bb gun NOT REAL gun was NOT fired at the dog or the person.It was fired at the homeowners OWN TRASH CAN and was proven to the police as such by showing them where it had struck the homeowners trash can. And the person actually had to walk off the street and have the dog come on private property. It would have probably not been a big deal if the person and dog stayed on the street and the dog just happened to need to urinate, but they actually had to walk off public property on to private property to have the dog go. And the homeowner is well aware of the actual city property lines and private property lines for zoning purposes. The Dog owner was watched and given a warning that they then ignored and aloud dog to do again. hence the warning bb gun that sounds like a bb gun. The dog owner then called police and said a actual gun was fired at him knowing very well it was a bb gun and not fired at him . not a single neighbor in the area even herd anything from the bb gun.The police gave a short story with little facts in it . I respect the police but as they searched the home they also took the time to make fun of the homeowners Dog as well. The homeowner asked the person walking not to let dog pee in yard because then there dog will go out in his own yard and roll in the urine. Fine if the homeowners dog goes off property to roll in it then that is the homeowners fault. But the homeowner was very tired of people coming on property and allowing this instead of keeping there dog healed and having them pee in appropriate places.

  7. RGG-I assume you meant “their” instead of “there” X 2. However, I don’t care what type of gun is being used… the fact is using any type of gun in this case was in really poor judgment. The dog owner showed equally dumb behavior by not honoring the request of the home owner by removing his dog from their property. We have indeed sunk to a new low here in MLT. My gosh! Grow up people, be respectful!

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