Dog Park Update



Here’s a quick “water at the dog park” update on last night’s City Council work meeting from Recreation and Parks director Don Sarcletti:

Following the presentation on the Off Leash Dog Park 6 month Report and Water Service Proposal, the City Council concurred with the Mountlake Terrace Dog Ownership Groupís (MLTD.O.G.) request to raise funds to pay for costs associated with installing the necessary equipment to bring water to the site. The Council was supportive of MLTD.O.G. fund raising efforts including the excellent work they have done with maintaining the park. MLT D.O.G. is well on their way with fund raising efforts designated for this project.

Since the City Council provided some direction at last night’s meeting, this has been taken off the†agenda†for the September 8th meeting. It seems like all the City Council members are fully behind MLT DOG’s efforts to raise money for the new water meter, even to the point where they are donating their own money and time to the cause.

To get caught up on the water at the dog park issue, see our previous posts.

[image courtesy Lisa Norwood]


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