Difficulty paying electric bills? SnoPUD gives you options


Snohomish County Public Utility District provides a range of options for customers who are having difficulty paying winter utility bills.

Low Income & Senior Assistance

Each year, PUD assistance programs help up to 20,000 senior citizens and low-income customers who are struggling with their bills. The programs offer discounts of 20, 40 and 60 percent off normal rates for both electric and water service. The threshold income level for seniors Ė those 62 years of age and older Ė is a combined household income of $25,988 annually. Low-income participants can receive help if their household income is below 125 percent of the federal established poverty level ($27,563 for a family of four).

Help from Customer & Employee Contributions

Project PRIDE is a program to help low-income customers with their utility bills. Itís funded through voluntary donations from PUD ratepayers and contributions to the Red Cross of Snohomish County. Another local program, Helping Hands, receives donations from PUD employees to assist low-income senior citizens with their utility bills.

Budget Payment Plan

The PUD offers a Budget Payment Plan thatís designed to make bill paying easier by calculating equal payments for customers each month through the year. The plan is available at any time of the year to customers with a zero balance. The PUD recommends that you obtain one year of service at your current address before starting the plan to establish an accurate payment amount. You may apply for the plan by phone or in person at any PUD office. Customer service representatives are available to quote a monthly payment for you or answer any other questions.

Conservation Pays

The utility also offers a broad range of energy conservation programs to help customers save money, including incentives and loans for home weatherization, rebates for purchases of efficient appliances, discounts on compact fluorescent light bulbs and more!

To learn more about these programs, or how you can contribute to help others, call Customer Service at 425-783-1000.


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