Diamond Knot Brewpub releases initial drawings for new MLT location


aerial view looking northThe new Diamond Knot Brewpub @ MLT, scheduled to open this fall, released initial drawings of the planned interior for their 8,900- square-foot restaurant in Mountlake Terrace.

The initial renderings show dining space and an enclosed banquet room split by the restaurant’s main entrance, a brewing area along the west wall of the interior, and a bar in the back of the room.

“These are by no means the final, final plans,” warned Sherry Jennings, Diamond Knot’s Director of Communications. “Details, such as furniture, have not been finalized yet.”

Construction of the building’s interior has not yet begun at 5602-232nd St. S.W. “We are basically meeting with suppliers and contractors to keep things moving along,” Jennings said.

view from bar

— By Doug Petrowski



  1. Not the city hall location; its the big vacant retail spot between DD meats and the post office in the shopping complex. I’m so excited for this! the area has been especially dead since the red onion fire…

  2. Oh that area has been dead since Neal’s and the Spot Tavern moved out, there have been several restaurants since Neal’s that didn’t quite make it. So excited that something retail is moving into that area. I think when we moved in to Terrace in 89 there was a drugstore there.

  3. I’m excited that so much is being spent to go in there. If any of it is on Diamond then there is big incentive to stick it out.


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