Department of Justice seeks injunction against MLT anti-abortion protester


The Seattle Times reports that the United States Department of Justice is seeking adn injuction and a $10,000 fine against a Mountlake Terrace manw hotried to block access to a Lynnwood medical clinic.

Attorneys from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division also are seeking a $10,000 fine against John C. Kroack, of Mountlake Terrace, who is accused of entering the clinic on Jan. 7 and calling employees “baby killers” and warning them they were “going to hell for being murderers.”

He returned Jan. 7, when he was seen walking the wooded perimeter of the clinic. Around 10:30 a.m., he entered the clinic and again began talking about abortion services to an employee.

Kroack “became agitated and attempted to open a door that separated the waiting room from the exam room hallway,” the complaint said. A nurse on the other side of the door used his body to hold it closed until police arrived. Kroack’s car was found in the parking lot and contained a machete and camouflage clothing, the lawsuit said

Read more at the Seattle Times.


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