Oh Dear: Deer Spotted in MLT

Deer spotted near 45th/225th in Mountlake Terrace


A couple of times a year a deer makes an appearance in Mountlake Terrace, running around town trying to find its way back home.

Tuesday morning a deer was spotted first at around 6 am, near 220th St SW east of the freeway. The deer was spotted by Mountlake Terrace residents several times throughout the day: during a fire drill at Terrace Park Elementary (228th/54th), then as the deer moved east along 220th. Around 5pm it was spotted near 225th/45th and ultimately around 9:30 pm it was spotted heading east in to Brier near Brier-Terrace Middle School.

Safe travels. See ya next time.

View Deer in MLT 5/31/2011 in a larger map


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