Council Continues Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratorium


On May 16, after a public hearing City Council voted to continue a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries for the remainder of a six-month period.

The Council adopted a moratorium at its April 4 meeting as a precaution in case the Washington State Legislature were to adopt a bill allowing such dispensaries. Before the end of the period, the Council may renew the moratorium if additional time is needed to address issues.

The use of medical marijuana under limited conditions is allowed in Washington State, based on an initiative that was approved by voters statewide. The law does not necessarily provide for marijuana dispensaries.

The city’s municipal code prohibits the possession of marijuana. If a bill to authorize new methods of dispensing is adopted, the city may need to re-think its process for considering dispensaries. In that case, the Planning Commission would consider and recommend any amendments to the Zoning Code. The City Council would make a final decision.


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