Council Appoints Boards and Commissions Members


At their June 6 meeting, the City Council made their annual appointments for city boards and commissions. Volunteers who serve on boards/commissions inform and advise the Council and get involved in the community to help organize events like National Night Out, Tour de Terrace, and Arts of the Terrace.

The city has five Boards and Commissions including the Arts Advisory Commission, Community Policing Advisory Board, Library Board, Planning Commission, and Recreation and Parks Commission. A Council Subcommittee conducted interviews in May and recommendations were reviewed at Councilís June 2 work session.

New appointees include Julia Gendelberg, Brandon Richards, and Doug Petrowski on the Community Policing Advisory Board. Council reappointed Bonnie Mercer to the Arts Advisory Commission, Scott Matsuda, Kim Michel, and Rene Shrewsbury to the Community Policing Advisory Board, Alice Kier and Miguel Sandoval to the Planning Commission, and Gerald Conner, Logan Galyan, Chris Shields, and Joe Skidmore to the Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission. New terms begin on July 1.

[quote]I’ve really enjoyed serving on the Library Advisory Board for the past three-and-a-half years; I’m looking forward to this new opportunity on the Community Policing Advisory Board. Serving on the various city boards and commissions gives residents the chance to learn more about how the city operates and the opportunity to help influence city leaders on policies that affect our everyday lives. I’m grateful for this chance to help make our community stronger and more responsive to our needs.[/quote]
-Doug Petrowski

[quote]I am deeply honored and appreciative to Mayor Jerry Smith for inviting and appointing me to the Mountlake Terrace Police Advisory Board. I hope to be of service and want to bring my years of experience in personal protection to the Board. It is my life’s work to try to help everyone in our community be a little bit safer.[/quote]
-Brandon Richards


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