Council Adopts Electric Vehicle Charging Standards


An Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Ordinance—the first in the County–was adopted by the City Council after a public hearing November 1.

“This ordinance helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Mayor Pro Tem Laura Sonmore, “and makes it easier for people to use clean electric vehicles. It puts Mountlake Terrace ahead of the curve.”

The new ordinance allows electric vehicle stations in every zone of the city, subject to installation safety standards. Some new development would be required to install charging stations or the necessary wiring.

The Council’s action follows up on a state law adopted last year requiring most cities on major freeways to allow electric vehicle capability. The law was aimed at providing places to plug in electric vehicles, especially since new electric vehicles are coming on the market soon.

The greater Seattle area is targeted for early release of an all-electric car, the Nissan Leaf. Another electric car, the Chevrolet Volt, is also due for release soon.

As part of its adopted Sustainability Strategy, Mountlake Terrace is promoting environmentally-friendly transportation, including electric vehicles.


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