Contract awarded for 236th Pedestrian Improvement project


City-of-MLT-logoA contract for the 236th Pedestrian Improvements in the amount of $306,255.60 was awarded to Taylor’s Excavators, Inc. by the City Council in January. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-February.

This project will construct 18 new curb ramps in the existing sidewalks at the corners of the intersections along 236th Street SW between 48th and 56th Avenues W. There are currently only two curb ramps along this section of 236th. The sidewalk ramps will be constructed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

The construction includes approximately 700 linear feet of cement concrete curb and gutter, 400 square yards of sidewalk, 2 driveway entrances, minor stormwater facility improvements and other work.


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