Congressman Larsen to visit MLT Senior Center Friday

Rick Larsen
Rick Larsen

Congressman Rick Larsen will visit the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center from noon-1 p.m. Friday, July 26.

Larsen will speak about Medicare, Social Security and other topics, an announcement from his office said. The Mountlake Terrace Senior Center is located at 5605 235th St. S.W. in Mountlake Terrace.


  1. A few weeks ago described a Larsen visit as ‘hastily’ called, as it was announced on a Thursday and occurred on a Saturday.

    I’m wondering whether any more notice was offered for this visit.

    If a Congressman wanted to limit his contact to those without busy schedules or jobs that don’t offer much scheduling flexibility, this type of short-notice behavior is a good way to accomplish that.

  2. Congressman Larsen’s visit to the Senior Center today was coordinated between his staff and the Senior Center staff as a guest speaker for our senior lunch program. It was announced to our membership on Monday. When the Congressman visited earlier this month it was to use our building for a previously scheduled meeting with County Executive Lovick. Thank you Congressman Larsen for taking the time out of you busy schedule to speak with and listen to seniors in our community.

    • Where to start?

      1. I am sure Executive Lovick has his own office in which to hold meetings. The congressman surely talked with a few people while he was in ‘your’ building.

      2. Medicare and Social Security do not just affect seniors. As I have paid into those funds for about 35 years and in another 15 or so expect them to be there to help me as well, perhaps I might like an opportunity to hear the congressman’s thoughts and maybe even make a point or two in response.

      3. When the lease with the City is finalized, will the Lake Ballinger site be ‘our’ building to the seniors, as well, even if the rent is below-market? It is that type of terminology – a congressman meeting in ‘our’ building – which makes those of us who are not seniors uncomfortable in spending money for a building that will largely be utilized by seniors.

      The congressman should announce his availability to all of us, not just to a select few without conflicting day jobs. City property lent at below-market rents should not be partitioned off from those of us in the City still of working age.

      Thank you Congreeman Larsen for twice in the past month interacting with our city’s seniors. Please find some time for the rest of us next time you are in the area.


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