Commuters should prepare for delays due to Tuesday’s Sounders victory parade


soundersFC455x256All ST Express bus, Link light rail, and Sounder train riders should prepare for delays and crowded conditions Tuesday, Dec. 13, as Sounders FC fans make their way into Seattle for the 11 a.m. MLS Cup Champions March and Rally, Sound Transit said in an announcement Monday.

Regular commuters may want to leave earlier Tuesday morning as Sounders fans may head into downtown Seattle early to secure their spot along the parade route.

“Be prepared for Park & Rides to fill up earlier than usual and to stand on trains and buses,” the announcement said. “Additionally, the crowds leaving Seattle could affect the PM commute, making the trip home crowded with delays.”

Sound Transit said it is “using all available resources and making every effort to keep transit service moving.”

ST Express routes 510/512, 545, 554, 577/578, 592 and 590/594 will be on reroute in downtown Seattle with several missed stops. For reroute and missed stop information, visit the Rider Alerts page.

Sound Transit encourages Sounder fans to plan ahead, arrive early, be ready for very cold weather and expect transit and traffic delays. It is not possible to know when a bus will arrive at a specific location, or to provide service updates at the individual trip or stop level. Use regularly published timetables as a guide.

You can learn more about the march and rally here.


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