Community Transit proposing Lynnwood Transit Center stop for Route 112

Community Transit is accepting public comment through Sept. 7 concerning a proposed change to Route 112, Ash Way Park and Ride – Mountlake Terrace Transit Station. Route 112 takes CT buses through Mountlake Terrace on 44th Avenue West/Cedar Way from 212th to 236th Streets Southwest and along 236th Street Southwest from 44th Avenue West/Cedar Way to the transit station at I-5.

The proposed change to Route 112 is the addition of a stop at the Lynnwood Transit Center at 20100-48th Ave. W. in Lynnwood and, if approved, would take effect in February 2013.

The Community Transit Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on all proposed route changes, including the change for Route 112, at the Community Transit Board Room, 7100 Hardeson Road in Everett, on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 3 p.m. Comments can also be made at, or by mail at Community Transit, 7100 Hardeson Road, Everett, WA 98203, or by phone at 425-353-7433.

  1. A well-intentioned idea, but it will probably add at least 10 minutes to the ride. The Lynnwood Transit center is great and I use it all of the time, however getting in and out of the transit center can take a long time if you are not carpooling and going back onto I-5. Large bottlenecks at the two exits. Forget rush hour.

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