Community Transit expansions planned starting in 2016


Screenshot (112)Community Transit is planning to expand operations in Snohomish County between now and 2021.

Community Transit’s Draft 2016-2021 Transit Development Plan calls for purchasing 167 buses and expanding transit operations by 40 percent over the next six years. The agency will then need to hire about 200 more employees, increasing the workforce by 25 percent.

A service expansion proposal was announced March 3 as the next phase of transit investment in Snohomish County following the success of Proposition 1 last fall.

Community Transit’s service expansion started last year with the return of Sunday service after a five-year suspension during the recession. The agency will also be adding a modest amount of new service later this month.

“Snohomish County is the state’s largest manufacturing center and one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation,” Community Transit CEO Emmett Heath said. “As the county grows, we want people to know they can rely on transit to get them to their jobs, school, appointments and social activity.”


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