Community Transit cuts affecting MLT residents

MLTnews reader Chris points out that the recent Community Transit cuts are making transportation difficult for some Mountlake Terrace residents:

I wanted to add this for my fellow MLT’ers. I wonder if anyone uses the commuter service to Seattle, either downtown or the UW? Well Community Transit is making some SERIOUS transit cuts which will leave our community significantly disadvantaged from before. The 408 & 477 will be reduced to only run from the park and ride, leaving all people that pick the busses up all over MLT out of luck. Also the 414 will be completely eliminated which was a bus that provided commuter service through MLT to seattle before and after rush hour. Also all Sunday service throughout the county will be cancelled completely.

There is a meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 6:30 — 8 p.m.
Mountlake Terrace Library, 23300 – 58th Avenue W, Mountlake Terrace for those interested in attending.

Also here is a link to the full list of cuts which really hit all corners of Snohomish County.

The Seattle Transit Blog has a good run down of all the changes that are being made.

See the video below of Community Transit CEO explaining the reasons for the cuts and raising fares:

Will the CT cuts be affecting your commute?

  1. My wife told me about these changes as she is a daily commuter on the 408, getting on at the stop near Roger’s Market.

    The stop is more convenient for her, and easier to navigate in and out of than even the new transit center. In her case, she drives a little less than a mile to catch this bus, but what concerns her and many of her fellow riders are the many riders who utilize the convenience through MLT to NOT drive at all. Whether being sensible or out of necessity, these riders are many and will be left standing out in the cold after these changes.

  2. hi there, in the proposal, it said “With the addition of revised Route 477 service, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center commuters would have a new Seattle routing option” .. however, I don’t see the need of this ‘new’ routing option. Here is why, if one look into both schedule, they’re pretty much only less than 5 mins apart of both buses leaving from MLT transit center, I don’t think it is necessary to have both buses running side by side so close to each other where no bus service offer after the peak hour.

    I am one of those choose to work at off peak hour to help out reduce traffic in peak hour. That being said, I take 414 to downtown seattle. With cutting 414, that means I will need to find a parking @ Lynnwood P&R, which is hopeless in off peak hour. So, with this proposal, it may just push our off peak folks start driving or work peak hour to create more traffic problem.


    Please keep 414 runs !! We need it!! — Swandi

    p.s. you can also email your comment of this new proposal to

  3. Oh wow. Are Mountlake Terrace’s city council and mayor looking into this at all? I would think they should be jumping on this rather than our grand invisible town center. This kind of change may make us move our family out of our house here rather than have to buy a car just so I can work. I would expect the impact on MLT should be pretty major with those who moved here for the convenience of a straight bus to downtown heading out and those who might have moved here will decide not to. And as Swandi said, the 414 helps off-peak commuter stay off the roads; there really is absolutely no parking in Lynnwood while our glorious new MLT Transit Ctr has it’s parking garage. But that’s not CT’s problem, is it?

    City leaders, looking to you to lead on this. Are you listening?

  4. I agree with the commment above that it is terrible to cut the 414 route that runs to the MLT during off-peak hours. Without this route, all MLT commuters will have to either go through Lynnwood or Northgate to get home during non peak hours, both of which add a ton of time to the commute. It would be great to at least keep the 414 until the Terrace overhead freeway station opens and all of the Sound Transit buses could just stop there on their way north.

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