Community Transit Board OKs fare hikes, 12 percent service increase

The Community Transit Board of Directors Thursday approved a 12 percent service increase that will restore this fall 10-minute weekday service to the Swift Blue Line that runs through Edmonds and launch the new Swift Green Line between Bothell and Paine Field next spring. Several other route changes were approved, including changes to Boeing service that will coincide with the 2019 Swift Green Line launch.

The board also approved a 25-cent fare increase for local bus and DART paratransit service, a 3 percent increase in vanpool fares, and a simplification of commuter fares effective Oct. 1, 2018.

Details of the service and fare plans are available at

Fall 2018 service changes

These changes will go into effect on Sept. 23, 2018.

Swift Blue Line (Everett-Shoreline)

  • Swift Blue Line buses will operate every 10 minutes between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday-Friday. Buses will continue to run every 20 minutes early mornings, nights and weekends.
  • An extra early morning weekday trip will be added in each direction at approximately 4:20 a.m.

Route 109 (Ash Way-Lake Stevens)

  • Route 109 will no longer serve Hwy 9 in Lake Stevens between 20th Street and the Lake Stevens Transit Center. Buses will instead travel along 20th Street and 99th Avenue. The rest of the route remains unchanged.

Route 196 (Edmonds-Ash Way)

  • Route 196 will no longer serve 196th Street in Lynnwood between 44th and 48th avenues. Instead, buses will travel on 44thand 48th avenues to serve the Lynnwood Transit Center. The rest of the route remains unchanged.

Route 413 (Lynnwood-Seattle)

  • Thirteen trips will be added to Route 413. These trips include four southbound late-morning trips to Seattle and nine early afternoon and later evening northbound trips to Snohomish County.
  • The change will provide more flexibility to Seattle commuters and encourage people to use the under-utilized Swamp Creek Park & Ride in north Lynnwood.
  • This change will also provide a 2nd Avenue option for midday Seattle commuters.

Spring 2019 changes

These changes are expected to take effect in March 2019.

Swift Green Line (Bothell-Paine Field)

  • The Swift Green Line will being service between the Canyon Park Park & Ride in Bothell and the Seaway Transit Center near Paine Field.
  • Swift Green Line buses will operate every 10 minutes between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday-Friday, and every 20 minutes early mornings, nights and weekends.
  • The Swift Green Line will intersect with the Swift Blue Line at Highway 99 and Airport Road, creating a high-frequency, high-capacity transit network.
  • With the Swift Green Line, 45 percent more Snohomish County residents will have easy access to 10-minute bus service.
  • More information about the Swift Green Line is available at

Route 107 (Lynnwood Transit Center-Boeing)

  • Route 107 will be rerouted to serve new stops along the Mukilteo Speedway and 84th Street, serving local businesses and the Future of Flight Museum.
  • One new trip will be added to Route 107, time TBD.

Routes 227 & 247 (Boeing)

  • One new round-trip will be added to Routes 227 & 247 and trip times moved earlier to meet new Boeing shift times and allow for transfers.

Routes 107, 227, 247, 271 & 280 (Boeing)

  • These routes to Boeing will serve the Seaway Transit Center rather than the Boeing-Everett plant. Transfers to Everett Transit, Swift Green Line or private shuttles will get riders to their final destination.

Fare changes

Community Transit will increase fares on local bus, DART paratransit and vanpool service on Oct. 1, 2018. In addition, the agency is establishing a single commuter fare for service between Snohomish and King counties.

  • Service on local bus routes within Snohomish County and DART paratransit service will increase by 25 cents. The new fares will be:

Adult – $2.50, Youth – $1.75 and Reduced fare – $1.25. DART – $2.50.

  • Commuter fares for all routes to Seattle/UW will be:

Adult – $4.25, Youth – $3 and Reduced fare – $2.

This replaces the North/East County and South County commuter fares. The new single commuter fare is set at the South County rate, which is the lower of the two commuter fares.

  • Vanpool rates will be increased an average of 3 percent, or about $14/month per van, based on size of van and length of trip. A more detailed vanpool fare chart is available at


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