Community Transit announces fall schedule changes


CT bus photo8Community Transit is adding new bus service this fall, the first non-grant-funded service improvements since 2009, as a result of to improving sales tax revenue,

The agency is adding 7,500 hours of new bus service, while efficiency changes will redistribute another 6,000 hours of service on the streets.

The fall service change takes place Monday, Sept. 29. It will:

  • Provide more mid-day service and better transit connections;
  • Restore an all-day, one-seat connection between Mukilteo and the Lynnwood Transit Center;
  • Address high demand between Lynnwood Transit Center and Edmonds Community College;
  • Improve efficiency around the Alderwood Mall area; and
  • Eliminate the underperforming Route 110 between Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds.

In addition to these changes, a number of routes have bay changes at transit centers and many trip times will change. The new Bus Plus schedule book is online now and is on buses. You can also use the Trip Planner to plan trips for after Sept. 29. More details are available at

Among the major changes are:

Route 110 (Edmonds-Mountlake Terrace): Due to low ridership, Route 110 is being eliminated and these hours will be redeployed to add service elsewhere. Route 119 still serves 220th Street between Mountlake Terrace Transit Center and Highway 99, and Route 116 serves the area near Edmonds Station.

Route 113 (Mukilteo-Lynnwood): Route is being extended to Lynnwood Transit Center via the west side (JCPenney) of Alderwood Mall. Service east (Sears) of the mall is covered by revised Routes 115 & 116. Route 113 will no longer serve 164th Street nor the Ash Way or Swamp Creek park & rides.

Routes 115 (Mariner P&R-Aurora Village) & 116 (Edmonds-Silver Firs): Routes are being realigned between Ash Way Park & Ride and Lynnwood Transit Center to operate on east side (Sears) of mall of Alderwood Mall. Service west of the mall (JCPenney) is served by the revised Route 113. Routes 115 & 116 will no longer serve the Swamp Creek Park & Ride.

Route 120 (Canyon Park-Edmonds Community College): Route is being extended to Edmonds Community College and two afternoon trips are being added. This will increase the number of buses between Lynnwood Transit Center and Edmonds Community College.

Route 130 (Edmonds-Lynnwood): Mid-day service on weekdays is being increased from a bus every 60 minutes to a bus every 30 minutes between Edmonds Station and Lynnwood Transit Center.

Routes 201 & 202 (Smokey Point-Lynnwood): Service is being increased to provide a combined 15-minute frequency all day between Smokey Point Transit Center and LTC. This improves connections with east/west routes, especially in the north and east county. Between Ash Way P&R and Lynnwood Transit Center, routes will operate on I-5 rather than on local streets. Passengers traveling from Ash Way to Alderwood Mall can use revised Routes 115 & 116.

Last year, Community Transit received a federal grant to add 30 commuter trips between Snohomish County and downtown Seattle (about 7,000 hours), its first additions since it cut 160,000 hours of service during the recession.

After the fall 2014 service increase, Community Transit will have added back approximately 13 percent of the bus service it cut during the recession. In 2015, the agency plans to add another 17 percent of its bus service back. Details on that proposal will be announced in November.

Community Transit is responsible for providing transportation options for Snohomish County residents, including bus and paratransit service, vanpool and ridesharing options. Call Community Transit at 425-353-RIDE or 800-562-1375 for bus information, or 888-814-1300 for carpool or vanpool information, or go to


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