Comcast outage reported in South Snohomish County


comcast logoIf you’re a Comcast customer, My Neighborhood News writer Larry Vogel reports that Comcast is experiencing an Internet and VoIP phone service outage. Vogel says his service has been out since about 11 p.m. Monday night. Cable TV is still working, he added.

“I called Comcast around 6 a.m. (Tuesday) and they’re working on it and hope to have service restored this afternoon,” Vogel said, adding that an outage map shows areas of Seattle and South Snohomish County are affected.

A tip from Vogel: “I asked the phone rep for a credit on my bill for the inconvenience and she gave me a $20 credit.” Best phone number to reach Comcast, Vogel said, is 1-866-540-6296.


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