Clothes For Kids receives Boeing Employees grant to remodel office


The Employees Community Fund of Boeing has granted more than $39,000 to Clothes For Kids to remodel the interior of its Lynnwood shop and offices.

Clothes For Kids, a Snohomish County-based nonprofit that provides clothes for school-age children in need, will complete its 2013-14 shopping season and begin to prepare for the remodel on Feb. 28.

Clothes For Kids is seeking storage space and work parties to assist with the remodel.

“We will empty the store and offices during the first two weeks of March and then turn the building over to our construction crew through April,” said Nancy Laird-Burris, Program Manager at Clothes For Kids.  “We will need several work crews in early March to break down and move out all of our inventory and equipment and then again in May to help us move everything back in.”

The remodel will include upgrading outdated lighting, repairing and painting the ceiling and walls, expanding furnace ventilation, and repairing and recovering flooring throughout.

“We are grateful to ECF (Employees Community Fund ) for this opportunity to provide an internal ‘face lift’ to our building, giving our clients an even better experience,” said Mike Gibson, Clothes For Kids Board President.

During the remodel, Clothes For Kids will continue to collect donations, operate the Coins For Kids coin drive, and plan for its 30th Anniversary Gala and Auction scheduled for May 29.

“We are seeking space to store supplies and plan our auction event, as well as potential space to operate clothing drives and facilitate other fundraising activities,” said Joy Ingram, Development Director for Clothes For Kids.  “Our ideal space would be available from March 1st through May 30th.”

For more information, or to get involved in this  project, call 425-741-6500.



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