Reminder: Deadline Jan. 1 for input on city’s ADA transition plan

The City of Mountlake Terrace is developing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Assessment and Transition Plan. The city encourages residents to participate in an online survey and comment on the current conditions of the city’s accessibility for persons with disabilities. The deadline to complete the survey is Jan. 1, 2020.

Using an interactive mapping tool, the city needs the community’s help to identify barriers in the public right-of-way including sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks and pedestrian signals. The information provided will be used to help develop the Transition Plan.

The Self-Assessment and Transition Plan will help create a program for improvements. The program will systematically eliminate barriers identified during the process by assigning priorities and establishing funding mechanisms needed to pay for improvements. Development of the Plan relies on feedback from the community through community meetings, surveys and focus groups.

The Planning Commission discussed the ADA Self-Assessment and Transition Plan at its meeting on Sept. 23, 2019. Additional meetings will be held in late winter.

A City Happenings article was included in the December issue to inform residents about the Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Assessment and Transition Plan Survey.

More information on the ADA Self-Assessment and Transition Plan is available or by contacting City Traffic Engineer Marc Seferian or 425-744-6265.


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